Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama budget asks far less of the rich than either Reagan or Nixon

Despite my (and many others) lobbying for vastly increased taxes on individual personal wealth of the 793 American Billionaires (down from that 1,000 number back in June; but puh-lease) Obama's budget asks far less of the rich than either President Reagan or Nixon ever did. To dissolve the blood clots in the economic circulation system, Corporate Taxes actually do need to be DECREASED and Cash Hoarders targeted with direct clot-dissolving policies. For ambiance, how about set to the music of Concerto for Squealing Piggies and Harried Hoarders in “F” Major.

Obama's budget cuts taxes for 95% of working Americans who are struggling to make ends meet. To pay for the investments we desperately need to get our economy moving again, it closes tax loopholes for big corporations and rolls back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unemployment Skyrockets, So Do Stocks

Are we getting the message of the system they'd love to rebuild YET AGAIN? Are we all going to play the victim and fall for it all YET AGAIN? Probably. So sad.

03/07 Estimate 640K
Consensus Estimate 644K
Actual 654K

Actual Prior 645K
Revised up from under reported 639K

And keep in mind, this is only the Freshly Discarded Humans (U3), which is about Half of the actual Total Discarded Humans (U6).

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Debunking Second Half-ism Mythologies

It's real nice that Goldman (GS) is now selling it's Limited Edition Silver Lining for 2009, pitched by none less than the infamous @SteveCase (who reportedly, almost single handedly, closed the biggest DOA dead fish corporate deal in history to Time Warner, seemingly without so much as a flinch of conscience). In fairness, I've never met the guy yet, but the harder you sell the Status Quo Mythology, the more likely you are part of the problem, today.

This need not be the case. Those who so choose could become part of the solution in a single moment, but for the sclerosing strain of chronic Aristocratic Oligarch Entitlement Personality Disorder that has catastrophically clotted up the American economic circulation system.

More specific to the mythology at hand, let's see where have we heard, "Trust Us, the Second Half Will be Better" before? Oh yeah, same time, same channel as last year:
Namely, your 19th century pre-industrial communications model is just a little bit broken when you can't count on the fact that the masses threw away last year's paper and don't have the first recollection of what you said last year.

Today, we not only remember your lies, we can prove them, substantiate, cross-reference, cross-check, and cross-post them globally in minutes. In short, We the People don't believe a single word you say any more. You have stolen or hoarded all of OUR CASH. It's not yours, it's OURS, The Public's. Look at the ownership stamp on every piece of paper:

Federal Reserve Note

And WE own the Federal Reserve. They are OUR NOTES. So Shut Up and Cough 'Em Up. Right Now.
"Devil and the deep blue sea behind me; Vanish in the air youll never find me. I will turn your flesh to alabaster; When you find your servant is your master" (Wrapped Around Your Finger, The Police).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Basic Income a right: Essential for economic recovery Staff. Sunday, March 01, 2009

TONY MARTIN, MP, Sault Ste Marie

Basic income a right, essential for economic recovery

Martin speaks at international conference in New York

NEW YORK - (March 1) - A basic income guarantee for people living in poverty honors human dignity and will help countries recover from the recession, Sault MP Tony Martin told the closing plenary of an international conference here today.

“We are facing a challenge today different in nature and depth than anything any of us have experienced before,” Martin told delegates attending the 8th Congress of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network.

“It will require phenomenal common effort to get us through it in a way that leaves no one behind. We need to be able to influence the decision makers (politicians). Large numbers of people need to be sending the same message -- poverty is not acceptable for anybody.

“We need to be speaking to people of kindred spirit in faith groups, in labour organizations and other citizen groups rooted in a quest for fairness and justice. The economic system is failing, people are being affected. We have an unprecedented opportunity to affect positive change. It is in our collective self interest to do so. It is not only a moral imperative, it is necessary for economic recovery and redistributive justice. A basic income is part of the answer. Those who had privilege will fight this and are well funded and organized.”

While here, Martin met with Conservative Senator Hugh Segal, another conference presenter and long-time advocate for a guaranteed income, on plans to move the basic income initiative forward in Parliament.

Martin believes any economic stimulus package should include income security investments and critical social infrastructure for communities.

"We have a duty as a socieity and government to offer equal opportunity for everyone, to ensure people have enough money to pay for the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, heat."