Sunday, October 9, 2011

#CanYouFigureOut What They Want? #BasicIncome #99percent #ows

(1:18) "For the whole of the time that the #OccupyWallStreet protesters have been making their case for a sea change in the way we Americans permit big business to draw and quarter and circumscribe our lives; media, too corrupt or too dense to understand anything more complicated than whether the blonde is missing or the verdict is guilty, have parroted "what do they want? what is their catch phrase?" 
In our third story, it is not a catchphrase but it is a declartion of what they want, that the document which I will read in full in a moment is not a list of laws to be repealed nor politicians to be elected, may only confuse the precious ninth graders now passing for TV anchor news men these days; but the absense of the kind of painted footsteps with which they used to mark the floors of dance instruction studios is, in a way, breathtaking; the two-by-four that Errol Louis described
It implies that there is so much to change, that such a tipping point has been reached, that some easy to apply band aids just are not going to be enough. And it implies that the commentators and politicians and monied interests that do not come to understand the scope of what must change will be without influence and without power before they realize that the change Has Happened." - Keith Olberman
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