Sunday, February 28, 2010

Capitalism: A Love Story Opens in Great Britain and Ireland

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Andrew O'Hagan, London Evening Standard:
He never loses his touch as a speller-out of double standards, and no drama of the past year — no fiction — has come this close to naming names, calling out the guilty parties or asking the big questions.
Wendy Ide, London Times:
The film is brilliantly researched, both with regard to the labyrinthine web of connections between the world of finance and the corridors of power and the wittily used archive footage.
Lisa Mullen, New Statesman:
If American big business has not been noticeably dented by his efforts, he has certainly transformed the art of documentary-making in the process.
John Walsh, The Independent:
The story of how Congress was forced to vote for a $700bn bailout of the banks (without any explanation of how the money might be spent) is re-told, to jaw-dropping effect.
Donald Clark, The Irish Times:
Michael Moore’s latest documentary is both moving and blackly comical, and his best since Roger and Me.
Peter Bradshaw, Guardian:
In his typically punchy, enthralling and entertaining new picture, Michael Moore takes aim at what Milton Friedman famously called socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor.
Alison Rowat, Herald Scotland:
The boy who wanted to be a priest is never far from the surface of Moore.