Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Much Cocaine Backs Global Currency?

This is a bit of an editorial diversion from the usual curation algorithm, so if it's your first time visiting the blog, I hope you'll dig a little deeper.

In this video, scroll to the 4:00 mark to skip the meandering segue. Like any television content, the facts presented should be double checked. In this case, the delivery was just too entertaining to withhold, even if it does wax a bit Foxish, hyperbolic.
The Keiser Report may qualify as O'Reilly Report, Left Edition. Because Max also makes fun of Obama and the current administration, it would be funny to insert some of these pieces into the Fox broadcast stream, just to see how soon that audience can be turned on a dime; independent of message or independent thinking, solely attributable to message delivery method. Pay the network enough and you could probably run the experiment. Come on, surely we've got just one billionaire reader out there with nothing better to do this year. Have some fun! Life's too short! How long would it take to invert Fox's message and audience mindset? Five years? One year? 3 months? How vapid are the monkey minds, really? See you on the other side. ;-)