Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is American Market Socialism?

American Market Socialism is not some central mandate from on high in the authoritarian sense of dystopian American fiction.

You won't be getting new marching orders. There won't be some formal announcement -- beyond the series of formal announcements you've received over the past several months, which have fully ushered in the new American Market Socialist economy.

There is nothing to fight or oppose here, Marx was wrong, there was no bloody revolution. Yet, Marx was right, The Machine Destroyed Itself. You and I will be building the Sustainable Global Green Society, moving forward.

This is NOT "shiny happy people holding hands." We have PLENTY to differ about; however, what is no longer debatable is the fact that from here forward, the specific details need to be worked out in each and every of our own individual lives.

Thank you 18th to 20th century American Industrial Era Capitalism for the liberating legacy of American Market Socialism; it is Capitalism evolved. Capitalism++.