Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keep Trying or Drop Out? Case of the Brown v. Leary Economy

Excellent post, David, although you are probably constrained by your bosses to toe the U-3 estimate line, only alluding to U-6 realities, while not giving the real U-6 forecasts which will likely be about double that 9.5% ... so call it 20% ... and anyone selling that number is essentially reduced to praying that it's a tad overstated; even though growing numbers of forecasts suggest otherwise.

Also, a quick response to the idea of "skills atrophy." I'd suggest that happens disproportionately at the bottom of the barrel, not for the cream at the top.

More commonly, only Charlie Brown keeps trying to kick the ball after more than two or three good yanks. The smart people all say, "no thanks" when the game is rigged against them and take their generally OVERACHIEVING skills to the sidelines and even out of the stadium. This isn't about "re-educating" Maynard James Keenan's "tidal waves of dumbfounded dipshits."

Rather, one of the abiding tragedies of perpetuating Unsustainable Resource Skews is that WE LOSE THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST because they understand exactly what it means for them when 70% of the available net wealth is permanently hoarded by 5% of the population.

The math of that situation simply don't work out, do it?

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