Monday, May 18, 2009

What Would You Do for House Payments of $50?

Anything! You shout with palpitating anticipation of scoring The Deal of the Millennium.

Oh, wait; actually, we'd do anything but move there.

But, but, but ... if CAPITALISM is omnipotent and MARKETS are omniscient, that place should be overwhelmed with buyers right now. And look, look, look, we have CURVES and GRAPHS that *PROVE* that Invisible Make Believe Theoretical Real Equilibrium-Claus is just about to slide down the chimney with toys and make-busy fake jobs for all the good little wage slave boys and girls.

We'll be back to the Normal That Caused All This in no time! Just tap your heals three times and join the rest of us in the BOTTOM 90% of Americans who work two jobs for just enough money to pay rent -- just like our Share Cropper great grandparents -- and repeat:

"There's no place called home. There's no place called home. There's no place called home."